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Since 1975, we have been improving our Know How in conjunction with our partner clients in the field of aeronautics.
We focus on machining exotic alloys for aircrafts and spacecrafts : Z8, Z10, Z15, NC19 Fe Nb, 35NC6, 30 NCD 15, 15-5-PH …

Our team is well adapted to working in small batches from 50 to 1000 parts , not more.

We often produce parts with low tolerances in the range of 0.01 to 0.001 mm and we take on the complete production from machining to surface treatment or heat treatments.

15 years experience in machining surgical (orthopaedic) implants complete our capabilities.

Finally, early 2007 has been the year of a new step into the future with the implementation of ISO 9001 certification.

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